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Don't just take pictures, MAKE your LIFESTORY!

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/laɪf ˈstɔːri]/


  1. The experiences and stories which give meaning to our lives

    • “the Lifestoryographer (photographer and storyteller) helped me figure out which photographs to use to tell my Lifestory and how to write the captioning stories to go with them”

  2. A creative book which displays an account of event’s in someone’s life

    • “my Lifestory is in this book of photographs and accompanying words that show the meaningful or interesting moments of my life”


Lifestory U offers awesome photography education for those wanting to make better images of their lives


Lifestory U shows you how to easily craft engaging stories to accompany your images and share your everyday history


By working with Lifestory U, we'll combine great photographs and captivating stories to design albums that will actually be opened and enjoyed by you and your family.


By choosing a Lifestory U path to having your story documented the way you want it to be, you are doing your part to create  lasting connections. 


Which Lifestory is Yours?

"How can I learn to make my own Lifestory books?"

- You love finding images from the past

- You are the family historian

- You know someone with a story to tell

- You want to document your family but don't know where to start

- You want to make the memories last!

- You want to make it easy!

- You're very hands-on and DIY

"How can I get someone to create a book for me?"

- You are overwhelmed by all the images tucked away somewhere

- you have a story to tell!

- You want to have your stories shared in beautiful books and art

- You would love a Lifestory session! (photography + storytelling)

- You would prefer to have the pros handle things

"How can my kids join a Lifestory U summer camp?"

- Your kids have internet & Zoom access

-You are looking for a way to let your kids creatively share their views

- You are looking for an online option to replace cancelled summer camps

- Your kids have an interest in photography or storytelling

- Your kids are in Grades 2 to 12

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