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Life is full of challenges

Lifestory U Mastermind Projects

can help with many of them

Do you ever worry about...

Wanting more Insta-worthy photos?

Wondering who those strange people in photo albums are?

Not having enough time for ALL the THINGS!?

Loosing all your photos to the digital cookie monsters?

Finding interesting stories to tell?

Trying to figure out a meaningful gift for a family member?

Creative Thoughts

Then the Authentic Storymaker Project 

is for you!

Through this 6-module guided course you will create your first Lifestory U book, getting you well on the way to documenting your special moments with ease.

You will get everything below:


Tips and tricks to get you using whatever device you may have, from cell phone to fancy dSLR, to take better photos.

All guided directly by me, Melissa Robin, a 20-year veteran of the photography industry and passionate educator


how to tell the story around your life events so that they connect with your images and make the history YOU want.

No longer will you be left wondering who the people are in the photos and what makes the images special!


We will create easy and replicable templates for your very own Lifestory book. By combining great photographs and captivating stories in a clean and easy design, you will create books that will actually be opened and enjoyed by you and your family.


Through your personalized classroom and exclusive group access, you will gain connections to other students and resources beyond compare. 

Plus, through it all, you will have the support of an instructor with over 25 years experience!


Your first Lifestory book already completed!

Through this course you will have learned the skills to take awesome pictures, combine them with your story in your very own words, and make them all into a gorgeous book to treasure. 

And because of the Lifestory method, you will be able to print up as many copies to share as you would like, and even replicate the process with ease to make even more awesome Lifestory books to tell your own story, the way you want it to be told!

As a member of The Authentic Storymaker Project, you will receive:

- Your own personalized online classroom


- 6 modules of video content to easily create your Lifestory

- juicy worksheets and content to serve all learner types

- Access to the Exclusive Lifestory U Storymaker group

- All taught by a wicked-awesome instructor!

-BONUS: bi-weekly group LIVE calls and info sessions!!

Sign up now  to get

Exclusive Access at Founder Pricing!!

New Session starts

May 2021!!


Hello! I'm Melissa Robin, founder of Lifestory U, and your very own instructor for the Authentic Storyteller Project.

Rest assured that you are in great hands as I've been a professional photographer for over 20 years (yes, I started way back in the days of film and darkrooms) and have also been working in the education field for over 25 years.  These passions, coupled with a love of great stories and a fascination with personal histories and making sure they endure, have led to the creation of all that is Lifestory U.

I truly believe that power in knowledge comes from sharing it and I love to see the spark ignited in others as they learn new tasks with ease. I look forward to seeing that spark ignited for you in this class, as we also build your own recorded history that you can be proud of.

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