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Once Upon a Time

It was in a land not so far away, and not so long ago (aka: the wilds of British Columbia, and the 1980s) that the seeds of Lifestory U were planted.

family photography, documenting, making memories
The birth of Lifestory U


From a young age, I was exposed to the awesomeness of photography and how it could create memories (yes, that's my photographer dad and gypsy mom in this great photograph!). Throughout my life, I've developed the skills of this craft and marveled at how it can create a history that can so often be forgotten. While doing so, I've also wondered at how to make this craft that much more valuable to all those out there. How can we do our part to actually create tangible history that will last for ourselves and those that come after us?

In this, I believe, is the magic of what makes Lifestory U special. It is not just the craft of photography being shared with everyone who needs or wants it, but the marriage of this craft with the other great art of storytelling.

Much like the gypsies or First Nations cultures around the world, histories are written and crafted by those who have the gift of gab or those that show value to the storytellers. If it's documented, it's more likely to endure, and therefore more likely to be a tangible part of history.

And this, is my wish for the world. That all those that want to, can learn how to document their own stories and become their own storytellers and documentarians. That you, the ordinary superheroes of this world, can make your mark and be seen and known, through your very own Lifestory.

Let the adventures begin!

#photography #lifestoryu #storytelling

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